Many people have called our office and asked, “How much do braces cost?”

Our response is, “We can’t give you a quote over the phone. But, we will be happy to set up an appointment for you to come in and see Dr. Carter.

Dr. Carter will look to see what’s needed, put a treatment plan together, and then we will go over financing options with you.”

Why can’t we give a quote over the phone?

The answer is simple. There is not a one price fits all quote. There are many variables in determining each patient’s treatment plan and, therefore, the cost, including but not limited to treatment times, appliances needed, and goals the patients want to achieve. We can offer an initial exam that includes x-rays, photos, and time with Dr. Carter, where she will do her examination, put together a treatment plan, and answer all of your questions.

When the examination is complete and treatment requirements and length of treatment time have been determined, these factors will be used to create a financial options sheet. Our treatment coordinator will then go over the cost of treatment and what is included and help put together a financial plan that works best with the patient’s budget.

At Carter & Higgins Orthodontics, we want everyone to receive the treatment they desire and/or need without the cost being the deciding factor. We offer several discounts. We have discounts for teachers, veterans, and law enforcement. Sibling discounts and professional discounts are also available.

Payment in full discounts is given at a percentage off the treatment cost. If our patient has orthodontic insurance, we file with their insurance companies and work hard to ensure our patients receive their benefits.

We do not take Care Credit. We have found the interest rates to be very high both for our patients and us. We offer an in-house monthly payment plan option with no interest, no hidden fees, and no early payoff penalties. Typically, payment plans are spread out over 1.5 to 2.5 years, depending on the estimated length of treatment time.

We also offer a Smile Scholarship. The Smile Scholarship application is at under the ‘About Us’ link. One may fill out the application and submit it with the requested documentation and information attached to our office. Every three months, a team gathers to go over the applications, and a scholarship winner is selected. The scholarship does not cover the cost of treatment but dramatically reduces the fee, enabling our patients to afford treatment comfortably.

We know some orthodontists advertise one down payment option with a set monthly fee. But at Carter & Higgins Orthodontics, we see our patients as individuals with different needs and requirements. We don’t see patients; we see people. We see people who deserve quality care and treatment by a specialist at a cost they can afford. We see people choosing to invest in the health and look of their smile or their child’s smile. Yes, it is an investment, and it is an investment we want to help you achieve.

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