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    Giving Back

    We value investing in our community, and we are passionate about helping our local schools. Because we want to ensure that we are giving back in a meaningful, sustainable way, we are committing to sponsoring organizations that are making a big impact in our community. In 2022, we are planning to award these certificates to help support that impact:

    • 10 certificates for 100% off comprehensive care
    • 15 certificates for $2500 off treatment
    • 20 certificates for $1000 off treatment

    Because we have a limited number of comprehensive and discounted treatment certificates that will be awarded each year, we do encourage organizations to apply early. Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Preference will be given to requests made by our past/present patients and their families.

    The first thing you’re going to notice about someone is their smile.

    We want you to feel confident sharing that smile with everyone around you.

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