Our office is excited to welcome Dr. Phyllis Higgins to the team. With the announcement of our expansion from Carter Family Orthodontics to Carter & Higgins Orthodontics, you may have some questions about our office and your orthodontic care. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this exciting change.

Will I still see Dr. Carter?

Yes, Dr. Carter is not going anywhere.

Why is Dr. Carter getting a partner?

Both Dr. Carter and Dr. Higgins are mothers. They understand the struggles of trying to achieve a work-life balance. Through their partnership, both doctors can work yet also have the flexibility of taking the day off for their children’s activities at school. Also, by having a partner, we will be able to open a second location in South Tulsa, making it more convenient for some of our patients.

Wait, did you say a SECOND location??

Yes, you read it correctly! Carter & Higgins Orthodontics plans to open a second location in South Tulsa in 2019. We will update you as things progress.

Will there be more appointment times?

Yes, once our second location was open in 2019, we will have more appointment times for our patients.

Will you be at the same office?

Yes, we will still have the same office in midtown.

Can I choose who I see?

Absolutely! We understand that some patients will have a doctor’s preference, and we are more than happy to schedule them accordingly.

What is the benefit of having two doctors?

The benefits are huge! No need to go to another office for a second opinion. Dr. Carter and Dr. Higgins will discuss each case and ensure that the patient gets the best possible care.

Will both doctors know what is going on with my treatment?

Yes. Both doctors will be working together for the first several months to ensure that. Dr. Higgins is familiar with each and every patient. All new patients will be reviewed by Dr. Carter and Dr. Higgins so that they both know every single patient.

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to talk more with you about this change!

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