Dr. Carter is a soon to be mother of three children under the age of five. She is a Tulsan who loves to support the locals and expose her children to the beauty of Tulsa every chance she gets! We asked Dr. Carter to share a few of her favorite local kids places and events, and this is what she said.

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The Pop House


The Pop House for a cold treat!  Delicious popsicles and I love that it’s a local owner who supports other local producers like Thunderbird Berry Farm.  It’s great for pregnancy cravings!

-We don’t eat out much these days, but we love grabbing an early dinner at Yokozuna.  They have some great happy hour food prices, and we avoid the crowds with the kids when we eat.

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Carter kids at the park


-Favorite places to go: All the splash pads.  I love the newly resurfaced features at 41st and Riverside. I wish more of the splash pads were open in the early mornings.  My kiddos fry in the sun, so once it gets really hot/bright, we stick to shady spots or the ones that open early.  For those hot days, we do The Children’s Museum, or go wild somewhere like Bounce U.

-We haven’t checked it out yet, but the Bartlesville Kiddie Park sounds like a blast

-We have had a blast at some of the Library’s store time events.  One had a great performer from Kansas City who sang songs at the park at 41st and Riverside.  If you don’t follow the Tulsa Library’s events, you’re missing out!

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Kiddlestix still reigns as far as being my favorite store for picking up toys, gifts. Can’t beat that they wrap it all!

-For kids outfits, I love Lolly Garden and Kathleen’s Kids.  For an adorable customized piece, The Okie Fox, @kateaustinoddities, and @merry.bobbins are so talented!  I also always seem to find some great things at the kids consignment shop, The Children’s Closet.

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