We are so excited to announce the first post from our blog ambassador, Piper.
Piper is a new patient at Carter & Higgins Orthodontics. She will be sharing her journey to getting braces right here on our blog!
At the Orthodontist for the First Time: 
Have you been to the Orthodontist? If you have you will highly recognize below. When I pulled into the parking lot of the Orthodontist I didn’t know what to think. I was a little afraid that if I got braces people would make fun of me in the 5th grade. I was also afraid that my eating habits would change. I went inside with my Mom. Answered some questions on a form and sat down. I waited for awhile and finally met Dr. Emily. She seemed nice although I was still very nervous. Then I went in a room and they did some x-ray’s. After that we go into another room. 

IMG 9703 e1464906341649 225x300 - First Time to the Orthodontist

Outside the room I spotted a jar of candy. I couldn’t do anything but hold in a smile. When I got in the room they laid me down in a chair. Dr. Emily showed me something called a wand! And she said “what it does it take about 6,000 pictures a second.” “It takes those pictures and builds a model.” So they scanned my teeth. When they where done scanning my teeth they said since I had so many baby teeth left I didn’t need braces yet. That sent a vibration of relief throughout my body. After my Mom and Dr. Emily talked for a while, Dr. Emily gave me a card with their Website, she told me I can earn points in certain ways. And the more points I earn the more gift cards I get. She also said I could have some candy. So at the end of the appointment I left with no braces and candy. So in my previous experience the Orthodontist should NOT be feared. 🙂

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