Your Donations Help Us Support Fight Against Child Cancers

At Carter & Higgins Orthodontics, we value investing in our community, and we are passionate about helping others. We want to ensure that we are giving back in a meaningful, sustainable way. So, we are committing to sponsoring organizations that are making a big impact in our community. 

Because September is cancer awareness month, we wanted to donate to a charity that supports cancer research. We have chosen the Pierce Phillips Charity.

What Is Pierce Phillips Charity?

The charity was founded in 2010 in honor of Pierce Phillips, whose family is dearly loved by the Carter & Higgins Orthodontics family. At just 2 years old, Pierce tragically died of neuroblastoma. His parents, Scott and Brandi Phillips, wanted to honor their son’s memory by helping other families whose children were battling cancer. 

Each day, 46 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer. That means 18,000  families each year face some of the most difficult challenges they will ever encounter. Tragically, about 4,000 of these children die of cancer each year. Without a major breakthrough in the last 30 years, research is desperately needed to fight pediatric cancers. 

Unfortunately, childhood cancer research is vastly underfunded by government funding programs. That’s why charities like this exist, and it’s why we support them. Pierce Phillips Charity is run by volunteers only and gives 100% of its proceeds to cancer research and to support local families.

How Our Patients Have Helped to Make a Difference?

At Carter & Higgins Orthodontics, our patients can earn rewards for healthy oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist. We want to make it as easy as possible to make the healthy choice! Patients can cash in those rewards for fun prizes, or they can choose to donate their points to one of our featured charities. This September, we are proud to announce our donation of $1,000 to Pierce Phillips Charity. We are so proud of the work they do to fund needed research to help fight cancer for the youngest in our community. In addition to funding cancer research, they also help provide groceries and assist with bills while families support their children fighting this deadly disease.

We thank every patient for choosing to give back. If you would like to donate or would like more information on Pierce Phillips Charity, you can visit their website.


We Love Giving Back To Our Community

We also love being involved with the community in every way possible. Tulsa is our home. It’s the community where our families are going to be growing up, and we want to set an example for our kids to see that it’s important to give back. That’s why we love to support local Tulsa artists, local businesses, and other causes that are near and dear to our hearts.

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