The holiday season is well under way here in Tulsa, and we are loving it! There are so many fun family things to do here at this time of year. We’re looking forward to skating at Winterfest on Black Friday, shopping for handmade gifts at the An Affair of the Heart show next weekend and checking out the light displays at the Philbrook on Festival Nights.

As you catch up with family and friends over Thanksgiving, look out for the health of your family’s teeth! When those raucous touch football games start before your big Thanksgiving feast, protect your child’s smile with one of our custom mouth guards. Mouth guards aren’t only for organized sports. Your teeth need protecting (maybe even more) during recreational activities like bike riding, roller blading, and rough and tumble foot ball with cousins.
This summer, Carter & Higgins Orthodontics made free custom mouth guards for local athletes – check back in the spring for another free mouth guard event.
We hope you have a lot to smile about this month – we are thankful for the opportunity to keep those smiles bright!
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