Did you see Jerry on the news?

We had a bit of excitement around the office recently. Jerry — the sweetest puppy you’ll ever meet — completed his training and certification to be an official therapy dog. When the local news caught wind of it, they made a special trip to see what was going on at Carter and Higgins Orthodontics! FOX23’s Mariah Ellis came by to meet Jerry and — like everyone else who has spent time with Jerry — she totally fell in love with him. And wanted to take him home. Good thing he’s chipped!


You may be wondering: Why a dog in an orthodontist’s office?

That’s a good question, and we love to talk about it! The short answer is that Jerry brings the anxiety-level down for our patients, including and especially our smallest ones. For some people, having work done on their teeth is a major source of anxiety. What we have found is that Jerry’s sweet presence does a lot to bring down the fear and anxiety that some of our patients may feel. When our patients are relaxed, it makes it easier for us to do the work we can do best. Jerry makes it a win-win for everyone!

Check out the news story here!

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